We are a small group of like minded people who have faced or facing the condition of being Trans. The group of friends who have given input to this group decided that we would become a signpost to other organisations and agencies.

We also would like to become friends to other trans people and those of other local groups to raise and voice trans issues and discrimination.

Our aims and intentions are:

- We aim to raise awareness about gender issues amongst professionals and the general public. - We do not counsel or give professional advice but aim to support Trans people, significant others family and friends. - To provide a safe and confidential place for people to explore issues surrounding their Gender identity, including practical advice and help, which includes the young and older Trans person.

Since or launch we have continued to develop and have the opportunity to feed into multiple organisations and agencies about Trans issues.

Some of these include:

Derby Homes, Derbyshire Constabulary. The Crown Prosecution Services, Derby Council, Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire Friend in which we run a confidential drop-in service every first Wednesday of the month. Plus there are Regional and National groups and Forums which covers a variety of remits in which our members are either associated or interact with.

We are:

  • #An Independent Support Group
  • #An informal but Informative arena
  • #A discussion forum
  • #A web site as point of contact
  • #A place to drop-in for a chat about anything that is troubling you at Derbyshire friend and an opportunity to dress there
  • # Confidential and Anonymous
  • #An Independent Support Group
  • #Links to outside agencies
  • #Tackling Trans-phobic issues
  • #Opportunity to share experiences,ideas and advice from other TV/TS